St John's College

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Alex Sittmann, Second Prefect and Sazi Bongwe, Head of School for 2021 with Mr Stuart West, Executive Headmaster

Mr Stuart West, Executive Headmaster at St John's College, proudly announced the Head of School and Second Prefect for 2021 - Sazi Bongwe and Alex Sittmann, both young men from Nash.

Students and staff were invited to vote for the team they felt would best lead St John’s College in 2021, and the votes have indeed demonstrated this.

“We do not doubt that Sazi and Alex have the potential, together with their LV year group, to lead St John’s College for the good of all. We know that they will value and build on the deep heritage on which we stand to make St John’s a stronger community of Lux Vita Caritas,” said Stuart West, Executive Headmaster.

We congratulate these young men and wish them all the best as they step into their roles and lead the St John’s College students into 2021.

Being Head of School is an opportunity to foster a space of inclusivity, belonging and growth. St Johns College has been that for me, and my biggest hope is that I can use this position to facilitate the same in return.” - Sazi Bongwe, Head of School 2021

I believe that a good Johannian leaves St Johns a better place than how he found it. For me, the best way to achieve this is by becoming Second Prefect and, in doing so, change the school and the people in it for the better.’ - Alex Sittmann, Second Prefect 2021

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Fr Thapelo Masemola blesses the new Head Prefects for 2021.