St John's College

Speech Day20 118
The 2021 School Prefects

St John's College is proud to present the school leadership for 2021.

Mr Stuart West, Executive Headmaster, proudly announced the school leadership at the Upper V Speech Day.

Head of School: Sazi Bongwe

Second Prefect: Alex Sittman

Head of Nash: Thendo Ligudu

Head of Hill: Zwelakhe Vundla

Head of Clayton: Luke Heurlin

Head of Thomson: James Gordon

Head of Alston: Michael de Gouveia

Head of Clarke: Keshav Rayment

Head of Hodgson: Brett Peters

Head of Fleming: Lubabalo Dlwathi

Custos: Adam Gear

Student Affairs: Kgosi'tsile Mashugane

Head of Runge: Eli Osei

Deputy Head of Runge: Talia Reddy

Student Affairs Runge: Daphne Mavindidze

We congratulate these young men and women and wish them all the best as they step into their roles and lead the St John’s College students into 2021.

Being Head of School is an opportunity to foster a space of inclusivity, belonging and growth. St Johns College has been that for me, and my biggest hope is that I can use this position to facilitate the same in return.” - Sazi Bongwe, Head of School

I believe that a good Johannian leaves St Johns a better place than how he found it. For me, the best way to achieve this is by becoming Second Prefect and, in doing so, change the school and the people in it for the better.’ - Alex Sittmann, Second Prefect

"No group of individuals exists in isolation. As a leadership body, we recognise that we are in a unique position to create positive change and we thank the school, our peers and particularly Mme Byrne and Mr Emant for entrusting us with that. Moreover, we understand that we are mandated to serve not just St John’s but the wider community as a whole. In saying that, we hope to create a welcoming environment and leave a lasting legacy both inside and outside of the school. The LVIs of 2020 are some of the most wonderful people out there and nothing is more exciting than the opportunity to work with them and make a difference." - Eli Osei, Head of Runge