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St John's College flies the Pride Flag

As part of the Pride Month and Youth Month celebrations in June, St John's College raises the Pride Flag and Black Flag to raise awareness for the LGBTQI+ community and anti-racism and gender-based violence.

St John's College prides itself as a place where everyone is seen, heard, loved and valued. This belief system is supported by our Dignity and Anti-Discrimination Policy, where we undertake to reflect the values of Lux Vita Caritas in all our actions.

We live in a nation at a time in which racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism and identity stereotyping still impact communities and cause traumatic pain, rejection and discrimination. The students of St John's have raised their voices, and we have listened. We choose to fly these flags to remind all within the St John's community that we are loved, valued and have a place of belonging as children of God.

As a community, we aim to recognise, value and promote diversity collectively. And while we understand that recognition will not be the same for each of us, we are confident that we can find ways to enjoy this shared institution in a way that makes it a home for us all.

St John's College raised the Pride Flag, along with the school flag, from the Bell Tower this morning. The raising of this flag is a promise to past, present and future Johannians that we are committed to building a culture of equity and belonging, where homophobia and queerphobia have no place.

The Black Flag will be raised on Thursday, bringing a special focus to anti-racism and gender-based violence. This forms part of the international "Thursdays in Black" campaign where our students will also be encouraged to wear black to school.

The Black Flag is a reminder to everyone of the work that is still to be done within our society, and in our school with regard to racism, discrimination and unconscious bias. As a boys' school, we take responsibility for educating our young men to respect all women and girls, and those vulnerable in our society.

These flags will remind all who walk onto our campus to reflect on the language we use and the way we behave towards each other.

The raising of these flags also marks the continued commitment by St John's College to producing young men and women rightly trained in body, mind and character.