St John's College

Mr Allan Magubane, Deputy Head: Transformation & Community Engagement at St John's College, talks about the importance of International Women's Day as a commemorative day that seeks to celebrate the achievements made by women in the world, bring focus to their contributions to our society, and raise awareness on gender causes worldwide.

While South Africa celebrates this day on August 9th, today, it is being marked worldwide, and it matters because it reminds us that gender equality is a global issue. It also reminds us that without women, the human family is incomplete. And, where they suffer or are oppressed, it is our duty to act to rectify this.

As men, and part of the human family, we honour and celebrate women in their strength, their humanity and the profound contribution that they continue to make to the world on this important day. We also remember how many of these contributions are removed from the history books.

We commit to learning about gender inequality and that justice in gender issues must not only be an ideal, but a practical necessity.

Happy International Women's Day!