St John's College

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Helpless and distraught: John, the beloved Apostle, at the foot of the cross as he is entrusted with the care of Mary by Jesus moments before his death.

Warmest greetings and love to you.

The old saying goes; ‘it never rains but it pours.’ This is a sentiment we can all relate to, given the current state of our nation. We stand at present in the eye of the storm of the third wave of the COVID pandemic. We continue to witness how many businesses have to retrench workers in attempts to keep afloat in the increasingly desperate economic climate, while others have had to close down completely with no hope of resuscitation. The majority of our people have had to navigate their way through what it means to wake up to the ever-worsening condition of job insecurity, food insecurity and their decreasing ability to provide for their families and participate significantly in the economy of their country.

In the midst of this great affliction, we now face the terrible state of civil unrest that has plagued us over the past few days. While many of us may not be immediately and directly affected by the disastrous events of the past few days, we cannot claim to be untouched by the consequences of the same. Some of our colleagues, employees, friends and relatives are in the eye of this storm and fear for their very safety when going to work. Worse yet, some of our community live in fear and anxiety as they ask themselves; ‘will I have a job tomorrow when I wake up’ as news of yet another place of employment being looted spreads rapidly through social media. Many others sit in desperate situations as they have now received news of the loss of their jobs due to the disastrous events of our times. I am reminded of the words of the Prophet Isaiah in the book of Lamentations; ‘remember, o Lord, what has befallen us, look and see our disgrace… we get our bread at the peril of our lives, because of the sword in the wilderness’ (Lamentations 5: 1&5). This is the reality of many in our community at the present moment; who no longer have access to basic needs and avenues of basic sustenance, unable to go to the shops to buy bread because the shops have been looted and left empty or because they are closed, and also simply because the streets are no longer safe.

It is easier in these times to hang our heads in sadness, but we are a people of hope, and losing that hope is never an option. We must pray unceasingly and play our various parts in the rebuilding of our nation, the restoration of the dignity of our people and witnessing to the transforming compassion of God which calls always for peace and the triumph of love. In the words of the following prayer, let us remember our country in prayer, and remember especially those closest to us who are directly trapped in the eye of this storm:

Loving God, it is your will that all people live in love and harmony: inspire the people of this, our beautiful land, with the spirit of justice, truth and love so that in all our dealings with one another, we may seek to uphold justice and peace. Help us in the midst of our conflicts to confront one another without hatred or malice, and to discern your voice amid competing claims and to work together with mutual forbearance and respect; through Christ our Lord. Amen

Be assured always of our love and prayers for you all, as we journey through these trying times; may Almighty God give us strength to persevere towards the restoration of peace and order.

Keep safe and stay blessed.