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Students, staff and Upper V parents gathered in Pelicon Quad to the enchanting sounds of the College Symphony Orchestra for Upper V Speech Day, always a highlight on the College calendar.

Guests were warmly welcomed by Mr Peter Wright, Senior Deputy, including the Guest of Honour, Dr Ben Oosthuizen, Director of Music, and Mr Paul Edey, former Headmaster, who received these young men into Remove in 2019. The event was formally opened with a prayer by The Revd Dr Jeremy Jacobs.

Mr Stuart West, Executive Headmaster, delivered a wonderful account of the achievements of St John’s College in its 125th year, followed by Mr Thulani Khanyile (Nash 1989), Chairman of Council, who shared his insights with the young men of the College.

Matthew Manghami (UV Hill) and Thandolwethu Kambule (UV Hill) presented a moving excerpt from Julius Caesar as their last-ever school performance.

Just as Taeg Mosehla, Head of School, was about to address the gathering, the heavens opened, prompting a hasty relocation to the Memorial Chapel, where he delivered his address to his peers.

Dr Ben Oosthuizen, who retires after 38 years of esteemed service to music at St John’s College at the end of this year, assisted Dr Colleen Henning, Deputy Head: Academics, by conferring the awards in recognition of the achievements of our young men over their College careers.


Headmasters' Trophy

Headmasters Trophy
Mrs Stuart West and Udo Elleh

Headmasters’ Trophy is for for a boy who demonstrates the College motto of Lux Vita Caritas: Udo Elleh

This award is presented by Executive Headmaster Mr Stuart West. It has been presented by six of his predecessors, Mr Paul Edey, The Revd Roger Cameron, Mr Alan Wilcock, Mr Robert Clarence and the late Messers Walter Macfarlane and Jan Breytenbach.

It is for the matriculant who, in the opinion of the Headmaster, most embodies and embraces the College motto of Lux Vita Caritas.

This is an extraordinary young man who forms the unsung backbone of the school. He is an outstanding student who excels in multiple areas. Throughout his time at St John's College, he has been a shining role model of diligence, discipline, and an incisive curiosity in his personal and daily school life. He is a mature individual with insightful leadership qualities and is well-respected by his teachers and peers.

Above all, he is a young man who exudes courtesy and modesty. His demeanour, conduct, and personal involvement exemplify the College’s ideals of Lux, Vita, and Caritas.

He selflessly devotes himself to serving and empowering others, whether tutoring fellow Johannians, leading within the Music department, playing with zeal in his sports teams, inspiring with his discerning public speaking, or organising a significant St John's TedX event. His extraordinary combination of work ethic, intellect, and gentlemanly demeanour serves as an inspiration to others. His unwavering respect and empathy for his fellow students, adults, and staff members distinguishes him as a true ambassador of our College.

His exceptional musical talent not only enriches the cultural life of our College but also inspires his peers. His journey at St John's College began with him finding his place as a newcomer from a different country and has become a testament to personal growth and perseverance. He has earned honours in Academics and Music, demonstrating his exceptional talent, skill and commitment. His humility and eagerness to serve, even without the title of prefect, truly differentiate him.

This young man has left an indelible mark on our College, consistently demonstrating his commitment to fostering a culture of light, life, and love. He is a strong, assured and unassuming young man and a Johannian who exemplifies the values of Lux, Vita, and Caritas.

The Allen Senior and Le Sueuer Cups

The winner of the Allen Senior Cup and Le Sueur Cup was Nash House.

Allen Senior Cup

The Allen Senior Cup is the Inter-House trophy awarded to the House, whose seniors have accumulated the most Inter-House point events in 2023.

1st Nash, 2nd Clayton, 3rd Hill, 4th Thomson, 5th Clarke, 6th Hodgson, 7th Alston, 8th Fleming and 9th Runge.

Le Sueur Cup

The Le Sueur Cup is the Inter-House trophy awarded to the College House, which has accumulated the most points in Inter-House events in 2023.

1st Nash, 2nd Thomson, 3rd Clayton, 4th Hill, 5th Clarke, 6th Hodgson, 7th Alston and 8th Fleming.

The Walter Andrewes Prize & OJs OJ

Walter Andrewes Prize And The Ojs Oj
Majil'Aphiwe Nqumba and Mr Stuart West

Majil’Aphiwe Nqumba was the recipient of The OJs OJ and Walter Andrewes Prize.

The OJs OJ award is an award that the Matrics vote on. The award is for the boy who, in the opinion of his peers, will be most successful not because he is a top academic or sportsman but because of the qualities of honesty and integrity. A young man who exemplifies Lux, Vita, Caritas.

Aphiwe has made an exceptional contribution to St John’s College in culture, sports and academics.

The Walter Andrewes Prize is awarded for excellence in cultural activities, sports and academics.

Aphiwe has achieved Academic Honours, Colours for Music and Art and a Team Blazer for Rowing.

He was the Vice-Captain of Rowing and served a key role in the 1st Eight. This position was gained through a huge amount of courageous commitment. He has become one of the most respected rowers in the club due to his dedication to rowing and the College.

He was also a valuable member of the 3rd Hockey team.

Aphiwe is an extraordinary musician and has contributed extensively to the activities of the music department. He received a distinction for Grade 8 piano and plays the viola at a grade 7+ level. He sings in the Chapel Choir as well as the Schola Cantorum. As a viola player, he is a member of the Symphony Orchestra and participated in several performances with the senior string quartet.

He is also a notable artist and public speaker who won the RP Reynolds Trophy for excellence in art practical and theory and the O’Dowd Memorial Medal for public speaking.

Aphiwe served as the College Custos this year with distinction and a deep sense of duty to the office. He carried the values of the College and was a role model for many boys. I can say with certainty that his blood is blue.

Aphiwe is a true all-rounder and an outstanding young man who is always respectful and displays commitment and discipline. He has an exemplary work ethic and is a humble and dignified team player.

Throughout his school journey, Aphiwe's impact extended beyond his achievements. His distinctive character has been a defining factor in his contributions to the school. Aphiwe consistently pours his heart and soul into everything he does.

He is an impeccable young man and a true example of a Johannian.

Aphiwe is a worthy recipient of the Walter Andrewes Award and has the College’s gratitude for the high standards of excellence in all areas.

The Old Johannian Memorial Prize

The Old Johannian Memorial Prize
Taeg Mosehla and Dr Ben Oostzhuizen

The Old Johannian Memorial Prize for service to the school was awarded to Taeg Mosehla.

The Peter Baker Prize

Peter Baker Prize
Alexander Tafur​, Nicholas Meyer and Dr Ben Oosthuizen

The Peter Baker Prize for the Dux Scholar of the Year was awarded to Nicholas Meyer and Alexander Tafur.

The Alan and Gen Wilcock Medal

The Alan And Gen Wilcock Medal
Luke Yazbek and Dr Ben Oosthuizen

The Alan and Gen Wilcock Medal for courage and resilience is presented to a matric who has shown courage and resilience in the face of adversity. This year, the award was presented to Luke Yazbek.

The Aquila Alta Award

Aquila Alta Award
Shen Qiao, Christian Mangena and Dr Ben Oosthuizen

The Aquila Alta Award for 13 exemplary years in the school was awarded to Christian Mangena and Shen Qiao.

This award is for a Johannian, who, rooted in St John’s from the beginning of the Pre-Prep, has been nurtured and given the wings to fly as he leaves the College.

These are matrics who have shown consistent commitment and have excellent personal qualities of integrity, dedication and kindness. They can lead with distinction and uphold the values and traditions of St John’s.

The John Airey Memorial Prize

John Airey Memorial Prize
Thomas Archer and Dr Ben Oosthuizen

John Airey Memorial Prize for extramural contribution was awarded to Thomas Archer.

Thomas is an exceptional young man who embodies the spirit of excellence, commitment and teamwork.

Thomas excelled in two major school sports, rugby and cricket, demonstrating exceptional dedication, skill, and sportsmanship. His performances on the rugby and cricket fields have consistently been nothing short of remarkable, and he always inspired his teammates. He was awarded Colours for Rugby and a Team Blazer for Cricket.

His dedication to the team is unwavering, always placing the team’s success above personal accolades. Thomas embodies the true essence of sportsmanship, always putting the badge he wears before anything else.

Over and above his athletic achievements, Thomas has showcased his talent and dedication to Dramatic Arts. Thomas was an outstanding stage manager in the FEDA plays and was always committed, loyal and hard-working. Thomas was awarded Honours for Drama.

Thomas has also excelled academically and was awarded Academic Colours.

He is known for his outstanding character, displaying honesty, respect and integrity in all interactions.

Thomas was a Fleming House prefect. He was a great leader and mentor, always willing to help his fellow students succeed.

Thomas is not just an outstanding athlete, actor, and student but also a role model for his peers, inspiring them to strive for excellence in all endeavours and reminding everyone of the importance of teamwork, integrity and unwavering values.

Congratulations to a true blue sportsman and an exemplary Johannian.

The Wynand Pretorius Prize

Wynand Pretorius Prize
Sebastian Prinsloo and Dr Ben Oosthuizen.

The Wynand Pretorius Prize for best History essay was awarded to Sebastian Prinsloo.

The Peter Baker Prize

The Peter Baker Prize for the Dux Scholar of the Year was shared by Nicholas Meyer and Alexander Tafur.

The Watler Webber Essay Prize

The Walter Webber Essay Prize for best English essay was awarded to Nicholas Meyer.

The Muhammed Ismail Bulbulia Prize

The Muhammed-Ismail Bulbulia Prize for creative writing in English was awarded to Luke Yazbek.

The Marilyn Jardine Award

The Marilyn Jardine Award for best creative writing in Afrikaans was awarded to Matthew Prinsloo.

The William Young Mathematics Prize

The William Young Mathematics Prize for vast improvement in Mathematics was awarded to Simon Hund.

The Fargher Innovative Thinking Award

The Fargher Innovative Thinking Award is for contribution to science and technology beyond the classroom. This year, it was awarded jointly to Hein Gertenbach and Richard Stagman.

Hein participated in the International Young Physicists tournament (with Milo Shan and Alex Song from Sixth Form). Hein represented South Africa at the competition in Romania, where the team placed 23rd in their first international competition. Hein designed an experimental setup to study the parameters affecting the sound production of a sphere colliding with a membrane and had to present and defend this research to a panel of judges and peers from other countries. He was commended on the quality of his research by the judges.

Richard is keenly interested in rocketry and designed and built his own liquid-fuel rocket. As a member of the International Young Physicists, he formulated a number of rocket fuel formulas and tested their effectiveness. Richard was also a valued member of the Hydrogeniuses, the St Johns' College team, in the international CERN Beamline competition.

The Father Trevor Huddleston CR Award

Father Trevor Huddleston CR Award for Social Justice is awarded to a student who has contributed impactfully to the advancement of social justice, equity and belonging. This year, we celebrate Thandolwethu Kambule, William Mills and Mduduzi Zulu.

The Fleming Prize

Fleming Prize for Outstanding Service to the School by a matric over and above the service expected of him in any role he may hold. The award was presented to:

Tadiwanashe Kudzurunga for Photography

Mihir Nayee and Mduduzi Zulu for First Aid

The Old Johannian Award for Excellence in ...

An Old Johannian Association award is presented on behalf of the Association to a matric who has represented South Africa in any field.

Cycling: William Mills

Debating: Sipho Kumalo

Fencing: Alexander Tafur

Hockey: Tom Chalmers

Scouting: William Mills

Water Polo: Taeg Mosehla

Music Awards

Dr Ben Oosthuizen Prize: Julian Kuni Walter

From this year onwards, the Best Senior Instrumentalist award will be known as the Dr Ben Oosthuizen Prize.

This is in recognition of the significant contribution that Dr Ben Oosthuizen has made to Music at St John’s over the last 37 years. During this time, he has set high expectations and defined music excellence in schools. He is a dedicated teacher and a superb leader and has made the music department what it is today.

Macfarlane Senior Chorister Award: Luke Yazbek

Most Improved Musician: Angus Charlton,

Garvey Cup for Musical Endeavour: Christian Mangena

Visual Arts

RP Reynolds Trophy for excellence in art practical and theory was awarded to Majil’Aphiwe Nqumba.

The Diedie Marais Trophy for Art Practical, showcased on various platforms, was awarded to Mark Dougherty.

Lesley van Bavel McKenzie Visual Culture Studies Award for excellence in History of Art was awarded to Alexandro Delise.

Oratory Awards

The Public Speaking Trophy was awarded to Caleb van Loggerenberg.

The Andrew O’Dowd Memorial Medal was awarded to Majil’Aphiwe Nqumba.

Dramatic Arts

Andrewes Prize for Drama for sustained and outstanding commitment to Drama: Noa Burke, Thandolwethu Kambule and Luke Robinson

Mike Stalley Trophy for the best actor in any production in 2023: Thandolwethu Kambule, Sipho Kumalo and Mduduzi Zulu

Dramatic Arts Trophy for the most versatile actor in Upper V: Luke Robinson

Untiedt Prize for Drama for the most inspirational performance in their Matric Practical Examination 2023: Bradley Chabalala, Taeg Mosehla, Nicholas Pearce and Mduduzi Zulu


Congratulations to the young men who achieved in their subjects and disciplines and those who received individual awards. Please download the programme for a complete list of Subject Prizes and Academic Certificates.

Upper V Speech Day Programme 2023

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