St John's College

We couldn’t have done it without you!

The incredible support from our Old Johannians, Old Johannian parents, current parents, students, staff, and friends of St John’s exceeded our expectations on our first-ever Giving Day. We not only met our ambitious target of R5 million but soared to a dizzying final total of just over R7 million! This is a testament to the strength and unity of our community. Every gift, regardless of size, contributed to our success and is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to you, we raised:

R7 058 747, with

9 ‘matching’ funders

543 donors

22 teams

from 10 different countries!

A special thank you goes to our matching funders, who took a leap of faith in supporting this initiative before it even started.

The Class of '84 - in support of access to quality education

The Nolan Family

A Passionate SJC Family Donor - for those who are still to come

The Sadovnik Family

The St John's USA Foundation Board of Directors

Trencon Construction


Your generosity allowed us to double every donation on the day, contributing significantly to our success.

We couldn’t have achieved what we did without the help and support of ambassadors, team leaders, class champions and volunteers. You gave up your time, leveraged your networks and ventured well outside your comfort zones to pick up the phone and push us over the finish line and beyond.

Your willingness to participate in our Giving Day activities demonstrated a fantastic sense of camaraderie, community and a shared love for St John’s College. Your enthusiasm and dedication are inspiring and reinforce the bonds that connect us all.

Thank you to our winning teams who joined forces and went above and beyond, collectively raising over R250 000 each:

Even our Upper III Prep boys generously donated R40 000 from the money they had raised for their 'leavers gift' to the Giving Day. "We, the Upper III Class of 2023, are the happy recipients of the vision and contribution of those who came before us and built a legacy from which we continue to benefit. Today, we are investing in our futures and those of future Johannians," they said.

As we move forward, we are excited about the positive impact that your contribution will have on the growth and development of St John's College. Your belief in the transformative power of education and your commitment to our institution's mission is invaluable, and we are grateful for your role in shaping our beloved College's future.

St John's College is truly fortunate to have such a dedicated and caring community. Together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of our students and contribute to our beloved institution's success and legacy, ensuring another 125 years of excellence at St John’s.

For a full list of all our 'matching' funders, teams and donors, please visit

More information on the projects supported by the Giving Day and Beyond 125 Campaign is available at or contact our Advancement Office at [email protected]

Once again, thank you.

Our Story. Your Chapter.