St John's College

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The First Chess Team with Ann Leepile, CEO of Alexforbes Investments, Consi Kalamaras Senior Manager: Public & Media Relations Butsi Tladi, Executive of Consulting. Picture credit: Travis Stuart (UIV Fleming)

St John's College made history as they emerged victorious in the inaugural AlexForbes Battle Boards Chess Competition on Saturday, 24th February. This online chess tournament revolutionises school competitions by allowing teams to compete regardless of their geographical locations. The unique format of 10 players adds to the challenge and highlights the skill and depth of each participating school.

In an extraordinary display of strategy and teamwork, the team claimed the championship title, reinforcing St John’s reputation as a formidable contender in the chess world. “Chess continues to captivate with its intricate and tactical gameplay. The intensity of the competition that unfolded on Saturday showcased the strategic brilliance and resilience of the St John’s team, comprising players from the College and Sixth Form. I am incredibly proud of how our young team navigated challenges with grace and skill,” said Mr PW Niemann, Master in Charge of Chess at St John’s College.

Throughout the competition, the team showcased their talent and determination, securing victories in each stage of the tournament. Their journey to victory included impressive wins against prominent schools, including Edgemead High School, Northwood School, Tswelelopele High School, Ferrum High School, Huguenot High School, Jeppe High School, and the final showdown against Paul Roos Gimnasium.

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Ann Leepile, CEO of Alexforbes Investments addressing Amphitheatre

AlexForbes representatives were in attendance to award the trophy to the team at Amphitheatre on Friday 1 March, where the team was also invited to ring the Victory Bell, a prestigious acknowledgement of a St John’s team who has achieved at the highest level.


1st Stage

St John's College 6 - 4 Edgemead High School

St John's College 6 - 4 Northwood

St John's College 10 - 0 Tswelelopele High School

Knockout round: (Round of 16)

St John's College 7 - 3 Ferrum High School


St John's College 6 - 4 Huguenot High School


St John's College 6 - 4 Jeppe High School


St John's College 6.5 - 3.5 Paul Roos