St John's College

Scholarship details: A number of music scholarships are available which cover between 20% and 50% of academic fees as well as the tuition fees on one instrument. A limited number of music exhibitions are awarded, which cover the practical music tuition fees only.

Requirements: Pupils who wish to audition for a Music Scholarship for entrance to College in Remove (Grade 8) should be of a practical standard of at least Grade 4 on a recognised classical or contemporary instrument or voice.

Application procedure: Parents must first apply for entrance to the College. Once an online application has been received by the College, parents may contact Mrs Veronica Savage on 010 492 0061 or [email protected] to arrange a Practical Audition and to write the Theory Examination. Applicants will also be required to write the College Entrance Examination.

Music Scholarship Theory Examination and Practical Auditions: The Theory Examination will take place on 7 March 2019. Please note, the Theory Examination must be passed in order to proceed to the Practical Audition that will take place on Monday and Tuesday, 18 and 19 March 2019.

Please call Mrs Veronica Savage on 010 492 0061 or email [email protected], for more information on music scholarships.