St John's College

Bequests – A Gift to the Future

Your education at St John’s College is one of the strongest influences to have shaped you. And if that experience and your education is close to your heart and part of your success in life, you might also consider including St John’s College as a beneficiary in your will. This is a generous gift to the future that costs you nothing now.

Your will is important in general terms because it carries your wishes about how your hard-earned assets will be used when you no longer require them. Its importance in personal terms is greater – in that it secures the future of your loved ones after your lifetime.

But there can be even more to your will. Any additional bequests are also a reflection of who you are, what your values are, and what visions for the future you may have.

Leaving a bequest to the St John’s Foundation in your will is a deeply meaningful way to give back to future generations of Old Johannians and ensure that the College continues to provide high quality-education for all who come here. It also inspires others to give back.

Leaving a bequest is a way to create a lasting legacy that reflects your values and priorities. It is a testament to your commitment to education and to the St John’s community of the future.