St John's College

Basketball at St John’s College has been an extraordinary success story and is one of the key focus areas for growth and development at St John’s in the coming years. It is the fastest-growing sport at the College, and we are already showing impressive results and establishing ourselves as a leader in the sport through hosting the enormously successful annual basketball tournament.

The passion among the growing community of boys playing basketball and their parents are equal to the energy and excitement of the sport itself. St John’s is committed to matching this energy and helping to grow basketball through an ambitious capital project.

The Multi-Purpose Indoor Basketball Facility will bring St John’s Basketball into the 21st century. The proposed facility will comprise four undercover courts with grandstands to accommodate a maximum number of spectators. It will increase practice and competition time by providing shelter from summer thunderstorms and be a world-class facility for hosting tournaments.

As St John’s grows in size, there is an increasingly pressing need for a multi-purpose space that will serve as a venue for functions, prize-giving, matric farewells, exams, assemblies and performances.

The Multi-Purpose Indoor Basketball Facility will be designed and constructed with this in mind and will become a central point for the entire St John’s Community to come together. The Multi-purpose Indoor Basketball Facility is part of the long-term Infrastructure plan for the College, but sufficient donor commitment will enable us to accelerate the launch of this exciting and much-anticipated project.