St John's College

It was wonderful welcoming our Old Johannians and greater community back to St John’s for Gaudy Day after two Covid years.

The Gaudy Day celebrations began with the traditional Old Johannian Mass in the Memorial Chapel, featuring the magnificent voices of Old Johannian and College Choirs. This year’s Golden Eagle Awards were conferred to Prof Paul Fatti (Nash 1961), the late Dr Carl Fatti (Nash 1964) and Prof William Runciman (Nash 1962). Prof Fatti attended the Mass to collect his award (and that of his late brother) and to address the congregation in the chapel. Prof Runciman will collect his award when he visits St John’s in September.

The Mass was followed by High Tea in Pelican Quad, where OJs connected and reminisced to the sounds of the performance of the St John’s College band.

The rest of the day was filled with the usual Old Johannian vs St John’s College sports and cultural festivities and ended with lunch on Burger Field. Gaudy Day is always special as our Old Johannian community comes together to reminisce and celebrate their shared love of St John’s.

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Old Johannians vs St John's College Firsts 64 -51


Old Johannians vs St John's College Firsts 3.5 - 8.5


The OJs won on the motion "THR the narrative that South Africans should complete their tertiary studies overseas."


St John's College Academy First vs St John's College Firsts 1 - 4


Staff XI vs St John's College 3rd XI 1 - 0

Old Johannian 2nd XI vs St John's College 3nd XI 6 - 2

Old Johannian 1st XI vs St John's College 1st XI 6 - 2

Rowing (Inter-House ergo)

Seniors: Thomson House

Juniors: Clayton House


Nick Rowe Inter-House Sevens standings:

Seniors: Nash, Clarke, Hodgson, Clayton, Hill, Fleming, Thomson, Alston and Runge

Juniors: Fleming, Nash, Hodgson, Hill, Alston, Clarke, Thomson and Runge

Peter Raney Trophy (leavers vs stayers): 12 - 33


Old Johannians vs St John's College: Old Johannians won 9 - 1 in matches


Old Johannians vs St John's College First Team 6 - 0