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The Beyond 125 Campaign Case for Support

The 125 Campaign was launched in 2019 with the intention of raising funds to advance the school’s strategic plans. Due to the interruption of Covid, the 125 Campaign had to take a back seat to the many urgent challenges the school faced during that period.

In 2023, the year of the College’s 125th birthday, we are officially relaunching the Beyond 125 Campaign with renewed energy and vision. The Beyond 125 Campaign will pick up where the 125 Campaign left off, and continue for the next five years as we work towards our goal of raising R125 million.

The priorities and objectives of St John’s College remain the same – to be a world-class Christian African School for generations to come. To achieve this, we need to look after and continually improve the school itself: the physical structures, facilities and beautiful buildings that give the College its body, and ensure that we make this a place where all who enter can fulfil their potential, regardless of their financial means, for it is the people – the students, staff, parents, Old Johannians, and all who walk its corridors – who give the College its soul.

This informs the core pillars of the Campaign:

Improving Access to Excellent Education
Building the School of Tomorrow

For more information, download the Case for Support below, or contact the Advancement Office at [email protected]

Beyond 125 Case For Support

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