St John's College

Learning to read and fostering a life-long love for reading is our priority. This important skill enables the boys to confidently confront what lies ahead in their academic careers, and beyond. 

A strong sense of community and care for the environment is also fostered at the Pre-Prep. The boys are made aware of the needs of the wider community and embark on various projects to support and assist those in need. The importance of preserving and caring for our environment for future generations is part of everyday life at the Pre-Prep.

The Pre-Prep curriculum is wide and varied, encompassing foundation skills in Literacy, Numeracy and Life Orientation, and includes:


Fun and enjoyment stressed to develop the musicality in each boy. A variety of musical instruments are introduced and lessons provided.


Assists in development of confidence, good speech, and clarity of communication, imagination and free expression.

Design and Technology

The programme encourages pupils to experiment with knowledge in an environment conducive to succeed.


Provides each player with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including soccer, tennis, hockey, swimming and athletics.

Library facilities

To encourage respect and appreciation of books and reading not only for educational purposes but also for pure pleasure in this world of computer generated literature.

Computer Literacy

An introduction to word processing and confidence in the general use of this technology.


An opportunity to express themselves according to their own level of ability and to encourage creativity in drawing, painting and craft.