St John's College

St John’s Sixth Form, recognised as a leading academic sixth form in South Africa, is open to young men and women from South Africa, Africa and the world.

Cambridge Assessment International Education Board A Levels have been offered by St John’s College Sixth Form since 1972 and our students consistently achieve top A Level results in South Africa. Sixth Form Students are encouraged to cope confidently with greater personal responsibility and freedom.

Cambridge A Levels are internationally recognised as entrance to universities worldwide. Students who wish to study in South Africa will enjoy the university approach and maturity to their work that Sixth Form brings which is of enormous benefit to their tertiary education.

The South African Rand also offers a competitive affordability option for families who may be considering a Cambridge International A Level education abroad.

Whether you are looking for an A Level education, or are considering an A Level post-matric qualification, St John’s offers a Sixth Form programme which broadens and deepens students’ academic and intellectual perspectives.

To apply to St John's Sixth Form, please complete the online application below:

Once we have received your application, we will be in contact again to request further documents, namely:

  • A copy of the applicant’s ID document or passport
  • A copy of the applicant’s latest school report
  • A Principal’s Confidential Report

For more information or an appointment for an interview, kindly contact the Sixth Form Secretary on +27 (0)10 492 0050 or email: [email protected]