St John's College

Each student within the leadership programme at the Prep School begins as a candidate leader and is given a house badge to acknowledge this position. In order to complete the programme, students must maintain a high standard of academic work, participate fully in at least one sport per term, participate in house activities and complete all duties within their assigned leadership portfolios.

Candidates are supervised and guided by their house masters, tutors and teachers. Once they reach a level of excellence in service and leadership they will be awarded a service badge in the second half of their leadership year.

The Prep School has a varied cultural programme that each student is required to participate in. There are a broad selection of clubs to choose from, ensuring that diverse and wide-ranging interests are always catered for. A wide selection of music activities are also included as part of the club programme at the Prep School.

In line with the holistic approach to education at St John's, dedicated pastoral care is considered a central part of supporting and caring for our students’ emotional well-being.

The school’s Pastoral Care team consists of the headmaster, deputies, housemasters, chaplains and the school psychologist, and care is provided on a number of levels.

The team meets once a week to discuss any students requiring additional support, and the school psychologist will then provide any counselling or therapy where appropriate; this process may also include parents or teachers when necessary.

Class teachers and housemasters also provide day-to-day support and guidance to any students requiring particular assistance during school hours or in the boarding houses.