St John's College

The curriculum at St John’s Prep is continually being evaluated and developed, so that it responds to the needs of its community, and also provides for the broader South African and global contexts.

We aim to develop in our boys a life-long desire to learn and explore. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and boys are encouraged to use technology to enable learning in a variety of different ways.

We encourage independent learning and strive to develop a culture of responsibility, empowering boys with the life skills needed to cope with the rigorous demands of College and further study.

The curriculum is holistic, covering a wide range of subjects. The boys learn three languages – English, Afrikaans and isiZulu. Maths, Natural Sciences, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Information Technology, EMS, Sport, Music, Art and Drama make up the rest of the weekly programme. We also encourage boys to develop lateral and creative thinking skills, study skills, research skills and EQ skills.

Most importantly, our curriculum is underpinned by Christian values. Our Divinity for Life programme is designed to give our boys a strong Christian foundation which they are encouraged to build on in their daily lives.

We have a full-time Academic Support teacher in the Prep. There is no additional charge for lessons.

Boys are referred for lessons from the Pre-Prep Academic Support teacher. Boys who are underachieving may also be referred by their class teachers. Parents who are concerned may be involved in the process.

Timetabling of lessons is carefully planned so that boys do not miss work. Boys are also consulted about suitable times. These lessons may be one-on-one, or in small groups of two or three. Frequency of lessons varies depending on needs.

The Academic Support teacher works closely with all teachers involved with the boy and maintains contact with parents. Advice is given and boys may be referred for external assessing. Individual education plans are drawn up for each boy. Boys are encouraged to explore how their own mind works, and helped to find strategies to make their learning experience more meaningful.

Teachers are kept up to date with new ideas and new insights into understanding the learning process. Staff workshops are held to share strategies and tips to help improve the learning experience.

Regular information evenings are arranged for parents to share in understanding how their son/s learn and what learning strategies they can use at home.

The Academic Support teacher is responsible for conducting study skills strategy sessions with all classes.

From Grade 8, boys are referred to the College Academic Support teacher.