St John's College

The Council of St John's College is the Board of Governors. Council members are representative of the key constituencies within the school, including the Anglican Church, staff, Old Johannians, parents and students, and consist of nominated and co-opted members with a range of skills needed to fulfil Council’s mandate. In particular, Council is responsible for:

  • The strategic vision of the school
  • The policy, finances and oversight of the general administration of the College
  • The acquisition, upkeep, repair, maintenance and insurance of all buildings
  • The delegation of leadership responsibilities to the heads
  • The future sustainability of the College

The Council of St John's College has a number of sub-committees to help carry out its work. These include executive, nominations, finance, building, human resources, scholarships and bursaries, marketing, information technology, and transformation and diversity. The chairman is in regular contact with the College headmaster and meets from time-to-time with each school head.

The Diocesan Bishop of Johannesburg is the designated Visitor to the College and must approve the appointment of all Council members, the head and the chaplains.