St John's College

School motto

Lux Vita Caritas (Light, Life, Love)


To create an environment in which our students can live their lives to the full, learn accountability, fulfil their potential, and reach their dreams.

Mission statement

St John’s College aspires in the service of God to:

  • Be a home of religious discipline – meaning fair and just parameters and consequences, tempered with compassion
  • Be a home of sound learning – St John’s must be benchmarked against the best in the country (and the world) in the academic arena
  • Be a home of goodwill – involvement in charity, good works and service must be the sign of a Johannian

Students leaving the College must be:

  • Rightly trained in body – sport and all aspects of healthy living must form part of the curriculum
  • Rightly trained in mind – apart from the academic, where creativity, enquiry, and self-learning is emphasised, students should be exposed to as many varied activities as possible, which develop the mind and promote meaningful experience
  • Rightly trained in character – students must be extended continually and challenged to expand and grow, by a demanding , professional, and encouraging staff who have a passionate belief in the potential of every student
  • Rightly trained to serve God well – students must be equipped for a changing and ever more challenging world