St John's College

The Parents’ Association aims to harness the energy and talents of parents to provide positive support to the school through the various services we offer, the funds we raise, and the projects we initiate. As we engage in the various activities, we seek to do so with a spirit that celebrates what is right with the school, and in so doing recognise the possibilities and find solutions to the challenges before us.

The Parents’ Association seeks to serve the school community through The School Shop, The Tuck Shop and the catering offered by the Parents’ Entertainment Committee at sports, cultural and religious events as well as various fundraising and community initiatives. The funds raised go to the various development projects at the school, as well as the St John's Prep and College Academies, the Centenary Scholarship Programme and Masibambane. The Parents' Association also hosts a number of events during the year around themes of interest or importance to our parents. The Parents' Association, together with our neighbouring schools, is involved in the Upper Houghton precinct improvement project.