St John's College

Dramatic Arts provides an additional arts elective for boys who seek a creative outlet for their talent and ability. But it is also for boys who seek to develop their confidence and ability to communicate. Moreover, it offers the boys a rounded and multi-skilled education that links to all areas of life, allowing them to express their feelings and opinions in a controlled, nurturing environment. 

Dramatic Arts is not a subject that trains pupils to become actors; rather, it uses performance and dramatic practice to enhance critical 21st century skills, centered around the art of effective communication.  The life skills that are taught in this subject enhance the boys’ ability to enter the world of work as confident young people who have the capacity to cope with numerous and various social contexts.  Their ability to manage themselves and their relationships with others is enhanced considerably, because self-confidence is developed, and they learn how to deal with numerous dynamics in group contexts, such as effective communication and conflict resolution.  Drama has always been a civilising force in society and at St John’s it is no different.  The self-discipline and sense of self-management it promotes has an inestimable value to us as human beings.

Dramatic Arts is a subject like no other - if learners embrace the subject and commit themselves to it 100%, they will benefit in ways they never imagined.  It is a demanding subject that requires boys to give of themselves at all levels - to give of their time, their energy and their passion.