St John's College

One of the most social sports that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and of any fitness level, tennis is a much loved and enjoyed sport at St John's College. Future plans to expand the number of our courts and the regularly maintained surfaces mean that the boys and girls of St John's College enjoy and can continue to enjoy this facility. 

St John's College enters at least three teams in the Gauteng High School Boys league in the first and third terms each year as well as a team in the Winter tennis league during our second term. In addition to this our boys participate in a number of tournaments including the Junior and Senior Inter-High competitions, the Private School Tennis Tournament at Sun City and the Mixed Doubles Tournament hosted by St Anne's School in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands.We have also, in the past, and plan to do again in the future, undertake an international tour to expose our boys to a different level of tennis enjoyed in other parts of the world. 

St John's regularly has boys who rank in the Central Gauteng Provincial trials and get selected for the various teams and who go on to participate in the Inter-Provincial National competition. We are also proud of our many OldJohannians who have gone on to play tennis internationally. 

Our coach, Lauren Jackman, is a well known and respected professional tennis coach, and we are lucky to retain her services in both the College and Prep schools. She also manages the U15 Central Gauteng provincial teams.  

Tennis is a great way to make new friends and widen ones social circle and we encourage anyone who might be interested in pursuing tennis as a sport choice to consider joining the various squads.